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SAN LEO A.D.1469 - 25th-26th MAY - SAN LEO FORTRESS

San Leo A.D.1469 that’s the name chosen for the event created by the Cultural Association FAMALEONIS in accordance with the corporation San Leo 2000 and the town of San Leo .

For 2 days (25th-26th May) the fortress of San Leo will go back in history, precisely in the year  1469,when the army of  the Duke was ready to defend the castle awaiting a possible attack by their enemies.

Enter the fortress brought back to life by soldiers, officers and shopkeepers, each one busy with his daily chores .

Visit the armory and the gunpowder room protected  by forbidding  guards.

Discover the parade ground with the guards in training.

Look at the cooks preparing food for the troops.

Take a sneak peak in the dormitory and at the end, talk to the Constable who  leads the army.

You will not be involved in a theatrical demonstration but you’ll  enter  the real events, the reenactors that will animate the castle will actually live as if they were in that period and you won’t simply act as visitors, you will go back in time with us.

More information :
Ass.Culturale Famaleonis - info@famaleonis.com
Ufficio Turistico San Leo - http://www.san-leo.it/

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