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San Leo 2015, the Fortress comes back to life

Two are the events that the cultural association Famaleonis together with San Leo 2000, the Municipality of San Leo and Ars Balistarum is organizing at the San Leo fortress.
Two weekends devoted to history will bring visitors back to the times of the great seigniories of the Italian Renaissance.

On June 6th and 7th “AL TEMPO DEL DUCA” will take centre stage: the Fortress will take up arms to defend the border between the lands belonging to the Montefeltro family on one side and the Malatesta family on the other side.

Browse around the rooms which have been taken back to their original functions, talk to the soldiers, ask the canteen women for cooking or sewing tips, and ask to talk to the constable. And what’s more, you can get to know the ancient art of fencing with the help of the men-at-arms, or you can visit the field for the crossbow shooting, an event dedicated to the 15th century Italian military art coming back to life.

The splendour of the Italian Renaissance will boss the show on 5th and 6th September, when the fortress will host the “TORNEO IN ARMATURA” event to celebrate the wedding between Federico da Montefeltro and Battista Sforza.

Come and see which valiant family will win the tournament and will be awarded the prize and their lord’s respect. Noble families such as Malatesta from Rimini, Ordelaffi from Forlì, Sforza from Milan and Colleoni from Bergamo will be represented by their men-at-arms, who, rigged out in their best armour, will defy each other on the two days hosting the event.

Take a look at the rooms where the Tournament comes from, listen to the music offered by the lord of the castle and have fun with the jester. It will be a living show which will bring San Leo to the centre of the Italian Renaissance.

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We would like to thank
Compagnia di San Martino (Rimini)
Compagnia d'Arme del Carro (Bergamo)
Compagnia dei Morlacchi (Fermo)
for their support
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