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FAMALEONIS - Living History in Italy

"FAMALEONIS " started up and grew thanks to his members passion for history; the historical period, the Company decided to focus on, has been accurately reconstructed by old documents, texts and iconographic sources.

Thanks to this precise information research, we have been able to realize original clothing and outfitting used at that time: raw materials were chosen and working procedures were followed according to the original documents traced.

Our Association exists and has been popular in the reenactment panorama for many years, this is the reason why we have gained a long experience in reproducing accurate, faithful to reality, sometimes "extreme" historical scenes.

Our Association is determined to reconstruct how an italian mercenary group of soldiers used to live in the Romagna area between 1465 and 1495.

This exact and well outlined characterization of time and space constitutes the premise of high quality and accuracy in historical reconstruction.
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